Selection of students for entry to Ozel Ege Lisesi is based on academic merit through an annual national entrance exam. Academic performance at the school is therefore very strong. The academic programs offered are consequently very demanding.

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is calculated by weighting each subject according to the number of lessons given per week. All courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, are given the same weight. Grades are scored on a 100-point scale, where the passing grade is 50%.  

Grades of 90% and above are rarely assigned. The awarding of distinctions is determined by the students’ end-of-semester results. An honor student, receiving a Certificate of Merit, must obtain a weighted average score of 70%. A high honors student, receiving a Certificate of Academic Excellence, must obtain a weighted score of 85%.  A student’s class ranking is not included in the academic calculation.

The main language of instruction at the school is Turkish (science, mathematics, social sciences, Turkish language and literature, physical education, music and art).  However, all Advanced Placement (AP) courses are taught in English.

Secondary language learning starts with English in grade 9. Those students progressing from Ozel Ege Lisesi Primary and Middle Schools to Lycée already have a strong knowledge of English (level B1 and B2, as assessed by the Common European Framework of Reference – CEFR) and comprise some 30% of the total student intake.  On graduation, Ozel Ege Lisesi students reach an advanced C1 level of English (as assessed by the CEFR).  Options of German and French language learning are offered in grade 9.